Vellwax Clear appear to be milky white in paste form, apply using trowel, cloth or sponge, once buff / polish it will turn clear. While Vellwax Metallic will add a metallic shine to your existing plaster wall, we have 15 metallic colors to choose from.

Vellma is suitable for use on walls and ceilings, including curved surfaces such as archways and columns. It works beautifully on fireplace surrounds and feature walls.

The finish adheres best to a porous substrate, it is best to use a layer of water based primer before applying Vellma, Vellplas or Vellcco.

Touch up can be done by carefully work through the inside to outside of the affected area trying to minimize the patches area.

Lime based products, which include Vellma, Vellplas and Vellcco  must rest 24 hours before applying additional coats.

It is best to use a round edge stainless steel trowel as it will not scratch the wall surface.

The wall must be level 4 or 5 before applying Vellma, if there are imperfections on the walls, it must be repaired before applying Vellma. Burnishing at the right time before the burnish coating dry is critical, remember not to over burnish to prevent peeling. Using a proper round edged trowel is another great way to maximize the shine.

Polishing using Vellwax will increase the shines.”

Yes, you may but it may change the appreance of the finished look.

Yes, you can by sanding it first. Remember to wear proper protection gear when sanding.

When stored properly, an unopened should have a shelf life of 2 years. The best storage is in a cool, dry area, away from extreme hot and cold temperatures. It should never be allowed to freeze and should be stored away from furnaces and other heat-generating appliances.

We do not recommend to apply at direct shower area, it is ok to apply at powder room area.

Vellma and Vellplas is for interior only while Vellcco can be use for both interior & exterior. If use at exterior, it is best to seal with VELLWAX or a sealer.

Yes, all MacoAvell products are low VOC.

Just clean it with a damp cloth to clean it. Re-wax every 3 to 5 years.

Vellplas and Vellcco is more DIY friendly, wheras Vellma might need some training or skill especially on the burnish part.

If cracks occur, it might because of few causes:

  • internal wall cracks – if the internal wall cracks, it will definitely affect plaster layer to cracks.
  • Too thick – it is apply too thick
  • Drying time – if it was force to dry by blowing or cause by weather too hot. Plaster should give time to dry in a natural way.

Peeling normally will appear if surface preparation is not done properly, wall is too powdery or moist. Make sure wall is properly prepared before applying MacoAvell products.

  • A true, flat and even surface
  • Gree from Dust and debris
  • Free from movement
  • Fully cured, free from damp

Acceptable substrates include:
Skimmed surfaces, painted walls in good condition, plywood, MDF Board.

Vellma, Vellplas and Vellcco in its natural form is not waterproof, you can apply Vellwax or sealants to make it water resistant but it will never be totally waterproof.

Use a soft cloth with warm water and apply some mild liquid dish detergent in the center. Lightly buff it over the stains. Remove soap residue with another damp cloth if necessary.

Yes / Mold-resistant: due to its high pH, lime is a natural biocide.

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