Perfect for recreating the historical style of Italian nobles and luxurious living through the ages, Stucco is a textured decorative plaster that adds a new dimension to interior style.

Available in a range of subtle hues that retain that classic feel, it is a timeless finish brought into the 21st century.

Our Stucco is easy to apply, and because it is low odour, works well even in already occupied buildings, causing minimal disruption for exiting occupants. Safety is important too of course, and with 0% VOC and a formaldehyde free formula, our Stucco is designed for safe use in any interior space.

Easy to apply and beautiful to look at, Stucco is a great material to create travertine effect, gives a unique finish to any interior, bringing the timeless beauty of Italian pageantry to your next project.






Colour Options


VC21 Grey


VC22 Dark Grey


VC23 Earth


VC24 Egg Cream


VC25 Ivory


VC26 Charcoal

How to Use

Stir contents before using.


  1. Apply VELLCCO (about 1mm thickness ) with a flexible steel trowel, spread evenly throughout the wall.
  2. Let it dry thoroughly before applying the next coat.

Same application as the first coat.


  1. Burnish the wall to smoothen out when the second coat is semi dry.
  2. Spray some water if needed during burnishing.
  3. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before moving on to the finish treatment.
  4. Apply VELLWAX and buff off evenly will add durability to the surface.
5KG covers up 35-50 sq. ft. We do not recommend thinning down the plaster. But if you wish to create other effect, thinning not more than 1 oz. (29.6ml mL) of water per 11 Lbs (5kg) of plaster.
Plaster only when surface and air temperatures are 50-90 °F (10-32 °C), wait 24 hours before recoating or applying MACOAVELL VELLWAX.
Thoroughly clean the surface and allow drying. Remove wallpaper and loose, peeling paint. Patch cracks and spot prime. Dull glossy surfaces.
Vacuum or dust tiles to remove embedded dust. To maintain the sound absorbing qualities of the tile, do not use a primer. Apply plaster directly to the tiles. Test vinyl-coated tiles to ensure adhesion. Do not attempt to fill or clog acoustical perforations. “Blown-on” Soft-Fibered Ceilings: Caution! All water-based plaster will loosen or deteriorate a “blown-on” soft-fibered ceiling surface and make for a difficult repair. If you are not sure about your ceiling texture type, apply a small test area in a closet or other hidden spot. If deterioration occurs.

Trowel Needed

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